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Issa Muebles, S.A. de C.V. is 100% Mexican capital, Chihuahua proudly, with a distribution of its products in Mexico, United States, Canada, and Articles for billiards industry get to some places in Europe.

In the 70′s Mr. Latif issa began a familiar business dedicated to the manufacture of French Provencial Style livingrooms and tables. ??

At the beginning of the 80′s due the great acceptance of our products, He contracted an Italian signature for the design and installation of a new plant, whose objective was to technify the manufacture of carved frames.

During the 90′s the initial project was complemented, with the acquisition of machinery for the manufacture of cabinets, producing at the present time: bedrooms set, tables, dining room sets, wall units, and carved pieces for the industry of billiard tables.

The finished products have comfort, elegance and colorful, ideal so that the client who uses and enjoys our furniture have the security thah he buys a solid product, comfortable and well armed.

The design department, the production lines as well all the people that work in the company, have the goal to find the best style to communicate it with the finest woods and colors; we think that the soul of the furniture are the people, because they give life to all the designs.

At the present time, Mr. Issa counts with the collaboration of his four sons: Luis, Javier, Mario and Jorge, each one in charge of different divisions, all of them comitted with continuous improvement, trying to continue with the family tradition on the furniture business.

Ing. Luis Fernando Issa Sevilla

Tel. (639) 472-1506
Fax. (639) 472-8005

C.P. Javier Issa Sevilla

Tel. (639) 472-1506
Fax. (639) 472-8005


C.P. Mario H. Issa Sevilla

Tel. (639) 474-5285
Fax. (639) 474-2704


Ing. Jorge Eduardo Issa Sevilla

IT Department
Tel. (639) 474-5285
Fax. (639) 474-2704


Our Products

Without a doubt the success of the company has been due to the valuable collaboration of our more than 350 employees wich has distinguished us by the efficiency of our plant, and the quality of our products.
Besides, to look in each design that is born to the market the balance between the taste of the people and the communication of the lines and details of the wood and the colors.

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